Mandi Solk

Mandi Solk lives in the town of Huddersfield in Yorkshire, England, UK. She teaches Self-Enquiry based on the teachings of Ramana Maharshi and is dedicated to guiding all who are drawn to Truth to the recognition of who they truly are – FREE – right now! She has written a book: ‘The Joy of No Self’, endorsed by Scott Kiloby and Jeff Foster.

“My passion is in guiding people to look at who they really are at Source.
‘Looking at’ are the significant words here because when we are ‘seeking’ – we are searching for something outside of ourselves to bring us peace; but when we ‘look at ‘ , we are staring right in the face of who we truly are. Then we don’t have to search any more – we can drop being a seeker.

For this reason, in my Meetings and Workshops, I create a bridge between pure Nonduality teachings and how to actualise this. I am always doing my best to undo the beliefs that are commonly held around enlightenment and the Myth that it is unattainable unless you are one of the lucky few who are fortunate enough to have ‘Grace’ drop on your head.
Therefore I teach extremely effective methods of how to realise Liberation right here right now. It is a simple fact that when we learn how to reduce – by degrees – the overwhelming sense of personal identity together with a constant return to this present moment, plus learning how to drop the constant narration, then freedom is experienced as non-personal peace and joy.
Then everything that happens – whatsoever arises – is seen as perfect, in its pure, present arising. Whether that arising is judged by the mind as sad, bad or happy, there’s an even deeper seeing that it’s all exactly perfect -simply because it is happening.

But HOW do we get to that ‘place’ ? So this is what I teach at my Seminars and Retreats.

So yes – enlightenment doesn’t just ‘happen’ to everybody, because although it is simple – it is not easy. But if the hunger, the passion and therefore the commitment is there, then true freedom cannot be withheld. It can NOT.”

You can book an consultation with Mandi either in her home or over Skype – see the SKYPE SESSIONS page

To find out more about her Sound-Healing, and Clairvoyant services etc,  you can visit:



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